Two Dots Level 1 Tips & Cheats

These Two Dots level 1 tips will help you beat this level.The objective of level 1 is to clear 15 blue, 15 red, and 15 yellow in 20 moves.

Two Dots Level 1


  • Level 1 is a great introductory level to this new game.  Do not worry about your moves in this level, you will have more than enough to collect all of the objectives.
  • Use this level to learn different tricks and tips to help you in the more difficult levels later.
  • This level is designed for you to succeed.  As long as you make long matches with the different colored dots you should not have a problem.  Scan the entire board before making a move.  You do not want to miss an opportunity to make a larger match.
  • Look to make large combinations on the four by four board.


  • A trick to Two Dots in general is to make squares.  Squares allow you to collect an entire color from the board. Once you are able to create one square it will be easier for you to continue to make squares with only two colors on the board.
  • With the objective of collecting fifteen red, blue, and yellow dots in 20 moves, making squares will allow you to use your moves efficiently.
  • Once you have collected one of the colors in the objective, focus on the other two colored dots.  Do not waste moves on collecting dots that do not help you complete the objective.  When you complete all of the objectives, your moves will automatically be used.


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