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Two Dots tips and cheats for every level of the game. Did you love the 2013 smash hit, Dots? If so, you should play Betaworks’ Two Dots, the chart-topping sequel to the original. The game is completely free and available for all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Having trouble making some dots? Here you will find all the Two Dots level tips and cheats to help you beat the game.

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Two Dots Tips

Much like Dots, its sequel is a puzzling game based on you ability to make connections or matches. However, this addicting and challenging mobile game is a a complete overall from the original smash hit. Forget high scores and time limits. Two Dots has transitioned into full-fledged level and world gameplay. In addition to that, you will only be allotted a certain amount of moves to complete your objective. Think you can handle this supped-up of version of Dots?

The basis of every Two Dots level is to make matches of at least two like-colored dots. These matches can be created vertically and horizontally. However, they can never be diagonal. But forget about easy matches. One of the best moves you can create to get through a level is a square match. When a square match of at least four is made, the entire board will cleared of that color. Things get really interesting when you are able to create a square around another colored dot as it will create a bomb. When a bomb is created, you can use it to clear our even more dots.

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How to make a square

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How to make a bomb

As you climb the mountain of each level, you will notice that the levels become extremely difficult. Not only with the size of the board change, but the shape of the board will change as well, forcing you to think about angles and patterns. In addition to that, objectives will change as well. Not only will you need to match colored dots, but you may also need to sink anchors to the bottom of the level. All of these challenges are no doubt going to force you to lose some lives. In order to have your lives replenished, you will need to wait a certain length of time or pay to have obtain more. But who wants to go through all of that? Instead, use our Two Dots level tips!